What do birds need?

Birds like most animals need four things:

  • Food: Is provided utilizing feeders but also should be provided by natural sources.  Natural sources of food are provided by perennials, annuals, grasses, shrubs and trees that produce seeds, nectar, berries, fruits and nuts.
  • Water: Natural water sources are best but if you are not lucky enough to have a natural source of water, birdbaths will work just fine.
  • Cover: This is provided by your landscape. Wide open properties without cover for protection from weather & predators in addition to nesting sites, will reduce the number & species of birds you will attract to your yard.
  • Space: You cannot control this need as your property size may limit you. But if several neighbors work together however, additional space can be created by connecting the yards together as one habitat.

In this course we will be covering Food & Water only. Cover & Space, in addition to Food & Water is covered in much greater detail in our Creating a Nature Habitat Course.

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