Located in the Western Catskills, just a short drive from the bustling city of NYC, Natural Gardens offers a serene escape in one of New York State’s most fertile regions. Spread across over 110 acres of lush farmland, open pastures, woodlands, streams, ponds, and rolling hills, this picturesque property is a true haven of natural beauty. The venue seamlessly blends the charms of the great outdoors with the rustic elegance of its structures.

Natural Gardens is a hidden gem, a slice of paradise nestled in the Northeast. The peaceful and tranquil ambiance permeates every aspect of this idyllic retreat. Imagine strolling through a verdant green field, by the sparkling pond, framed by a canopy of tree branches. The joyful chirping of birds and the playful leap of fish create a symphony for one of the most significant moments of your life. The nearby stone waterfall and vibrant flowers add even more character to this already enchanting property. The charming wooden gazebo, well-tended land, dense woods, and glistening pond waters all provide stunning backdrops for truly unique and stunning nature-inspired photographs.