Garden Tools

Not everyone can afford the higher quality garden tools, nor do people who “garden” one Saturday every spring necessarily need a better quality garden tool, but if you’re an avid gardener and you rely on your tools to make your gardening more enjoyable and less tiresome every single time you walk out to the garden, then high quality tools are a must.

So let’s take a look at what you get in a higher quality garden tool that you don’t get in bargain garden tool.

  • Quality – excellent, superior, strong, fine, high grade – all words that you probably would not use to describe the garden tools you normally find at the big box stores, but all these words describe the value of a quality garden tool.

  • Materials – At the heart of any garden tool is the metal that it is made of.  While most garden tool makers are always looking for cheaper, thinner metals to make their tools, meaning more money in their pockets, better quality tool makers will only use the highest quality metals available and will not skimp for the sake of an extra few pennies per tool. These tool makers also choose only the straightest grained Ash hardwood for the tool handles

  • Warranty – A lot of the tools have a lifetime warranty because the companies that make these tools believe in the products they make and stand behind their quality.  With a bargain tool, you’ll probably be standing at the returns counter for quite a while arguing with a cashier whether the warranty is valid…if it has one at all.

  • Design – Most quality tools that are made by companies that have been perfecting the design of the tools for over a hundred years. A little bend here, a little more strength there, all to make the tool more efficient and enjoyable to use…no one-size-fits-all tools.

  • Cheaper? –  One might argue that these tools are less expensive in the long run if you break a couple of cheap tools, time and gas to go to the store again, waiting in the returns line,  etc…. not to mention the frustration involved.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Below are higher quality tools we have used and have great results over time. You can review them here and be re-directed to your Amazon account to finalize your purchase.

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